Monday, 15 June 2015


Five weeks on and our Little Dragons are making good progress. Based on the Chinese novel which inspired a Japanese TV cartoon series, our Little Dragons are challenged with collecting 7 small dragon balls. They can achieve this through their participation in class and attendance.
Each lesson lasts half an hour and whilst their parents relax in the Tea Room or Courtyard, the Little Dragons train. Their Coach takes them through various activities- stretching, jumps, flexibility training and an introduction to acrobatics.
If the Little Dragons collect the initial 7 small dragon balls, they will then exchange them for one large dragon ball. Over a period of two years they will not add to their collection, but they will have a strong foundation to progress to the next stage of Shaolin Kung Fu.
Our senior Coach, Matthew Ahmet says "it is a joy to watch them learn and progress. Their performance at the Open Day last Saturday left the audience astonished by how far they had come in such a short space of time."
For further information contact - Shaolin Temple Cheshunt - tel:- 01992 677122

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