Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Training with Li Ge

At the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt all students progress through different levels and each level has a colour. Wearing a white top means the student is at foundation or beginner's level, wearing a gold top shows that the student has progressed and passed every level.
LiGe is currently the only student to have reached that level. He has worked very hard, been very dedicated and very disciplined- Babe Ruth, a famous American baseball player said "You will never beat someone who never gives up." And that can apply to LiGe - he is 13 and extremely focused.
Training alongside him and also with him as your coach is both humbling and inspiring. He has mastered elements of Shaoilin Kung Fu many can only dream of, with the guidance of his coach, Matthew Ahmet, LiGe has been guided through not only the tough physical elements of Kung Fu, but also the cultural and historical aspects. Classes with LiGe are just as tough as they are with the adult coaches; an hour passes very quickly, it starts with stretching as a warm up and then depending on the student's level will be followed with either Ba Duan Jin or Xi Sui Jing , forms of Qi Gong that are done very slowly and are very beneficial for the whole body - inside and out. The intensity of the lesson will then increase, again, depending on the student's ability. 
Remember that if you train with LiGe, you will be training with some one who can do finger press ups and flips on his head, amongst other things.
If you are interested in training with LiGe, check him out on the 121 Tuition page...

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