Monday, 22 June 2015

Kick Boxing At The Temple

Jonathan (Jiang Ge) is the senior kick boxing coach at the Shaolin Temple in Cheshunt and if you use the phrase "practice what you preach", you will see that Jonathan does exactly that. Like Matthew Ahmet, Jonathan spent his teenage years studying martial arts in China. He then went from China to Thailand where he trained extremely hard and has never looked back.
Over the last few years he decided that coupling a degree in Sports Science with his chosen discipline, was an excellent fit.
Jonathan trains hard - and it shows. His classes are attended by different age groups but he provides something more than just kick boxing drills. He has excellent understanding of the way in the human body works and also has a very good knowledge of nutrition. All this combined means training with Jonathan is an excellent investment for your fitness and well-being. It isn't often that you can say that about a martial artist.
If you want to be inspired and motivated, call for further details. Classes are already getting booked for September.

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