Monday, 6 July 2015

Volunteering at the Shaolin Temple

Volunteers are often misunderstood and labelled as "do gooders", yet nothing could be further than the truth. Volunteering is about giving up time with the understanding that the only things one receives in return is a huge amount of self-worth and respect. The Shaolin Temple Cheshunt has seen many people volunteer their support. You may have walked past the Temple, you may have even popped in, but if you took the time to find out, you will discover that over the last six years the Temple has changed beyond believe. The Temple was the vision and dream of a young child which has become a reality. That child is now the Senior Coach at the Temple, Matthew Ahmet. He describes the Temple as the equivalent to a box of Lego, of course, much bigger! He has worked tirelessly to make sure that the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt resembles the outline of a Temple you would find in China. The gates are positioned so that when they are opened or stay closed, there is symmetry. The court yard is enveloped by three buildings one to the left, one to the right and the main training hall ahead. 
Volunteers of all ages have entered the gates - whether it is help with painting or to print t-shirts, at the end of the day, everyone feels a sense of accomplishment, a sense of community. With smiles on their faces, the volunteers know they have contributed to something worthwhile and a place that gives those who visit, a great deal of pleasure.
Thank you to all the volunteers, you time and support is very much appreciated.

Finding the Answer to your Questions at the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt

How often have you heard someone say "I'm having a mid-life crisis!" or "I'm lost" or "I have no direction". That's how a person may feel, and to that person it feels real.
I started training at the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt 2 years ago. I'm not going to go into detail because my story is not ready to be told, but my health and well-being were not great, I was struggling with my businesses and had lost focus. I had just turned 50. Sounds familiar?
I made the bold decision to attend Qi Gong classes and the sensible decision to take one to one classes with senior coach Matthew Ahmet once a week.
Matthew helped to meditate, focus my mind, find my energy and most importantly of all, realise that changing my life was possible and the tools I needed were all within my reach.
The phrase "right place, right time" springs to mind. The Shaolin Temple was the right place for me and with Matthew's help I began to change my life - improve my well-being, improve my health, transform my body, improve my businesses. I call it the Matthew Ahmet effect. Sounds to good to be true? One day you will meet me in person, hear the full extent of my story and understand that with focus and determination you can achieve anything.
My name is SuXi and I am a student of the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt.
For further information on 121 classes with Matthew Ahmet, contact the Temple today.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Being Vegan Isn't as Bad as You Think

Everyone has their viewpoint on what we should and shouldn't eat. Whilst not everyone at the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt is vegan, we promote health and well-being as part of our day-to-day practice. All the treats and snacks we eat during the breaks on Fridays and Saturdays are vegan - no dairy, no meat, no animal products. The snacks are made with alternatives which provide us with the nutrients we require to maintain our energy levels during very intensive training. Even the smoothies we drink are vegan.
Quite recently it's become a "trend" to be a vegan and it's linked to weight loss. Our reason is based on ethics and the Buddhist way of thinking that every living thing is precious. 
The cow in the photo lives on a local farm. She has been bred to end up on the kitchen table - would you eat that cow?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Training with Li Ge

At the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt all students progress through different levels and each level has a colour. Wearing a white top means the student is at foundation or beginner's level, wearing a gold top shows that the student has progressed and passed every level.
LiGe is currently the only student to have reached that level. He has worked very hard, been very dedicated and very disciplined- Babe Ruth, a famous American baseball player said "You will never beat someone who never gives up." And that can apply to LiGe - he is 13 and extremely focused.
Training alongside him and also with him as your coach is both humbling and inspiring. He has mastered elements of Shaoilin Kung Fu many can only dream of, with the guidance of his coach, Matthew Ahmet, LiGe has been guided through not only the tough physical elements of Kung Fu, but also the cultural and historical aspects. Classes with LiGe are just as tough as they are with the adult coaches; an hour passes very quickly, it starts with stretching as a warm up and then depending on the student's level will be followed with either Ba Duan Jin or Xi Sui Jing , forms of Qi Gong that are done very slowly and are very beneficial for the whole body - inside and out. The intensity of the lesson will then increase, again, depending on the student's ability. 
Remember that if you train with LiGe, you will be training with some one who can do finger press ups and flips on his head, amongst other things.
If you are interested in training with LiGe, check him out on the 121 Tuition page...

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kick Boxing At The Temple

Jonathan (Jiang Ge) is the senior kick boxing coach at the Shaolin Temple in Cheshunt and if you use the phrase "practice what you preach", you will see that Jonathan does exactly that. Like Matthew Ahmet, Jonathan spent his teenage years studying martial arts in China. He then went from China to Thailand where he trained extremely hard and has never looked back.
Over the last few years he decided that coupling a degree in Sports Science with his chosen discipline, was an excellent fit.
Jonathan trains hard - and it shows. His classes are attended by different age groups but he provides something more than just kick boxing drills. He has excellent understanding of the way in the human body works and also has a very good knowledge of nutrition. All this combined means training with Jonathan is an excellent investment for your fitness and well-being. It isn't often that you can say that about a martial artist.
If you want to be inspired and motivated, call for further details. Classes are already getting booked for September.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The greatest secrets are always hidden

"He said , "Above all , watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Roald Dahl

The benefits of discipline are under estimated. As children grow up, they think that structure and boundaries are a waste of time or imposed to punish them, yet discipline, structure, boundaries, time-management are all there to make us more effective and efficient, in place to keep us focused, even keep us safe.
Training with Shaolin disciples is not for the faint hearted, and whilst at times it may be challenging, it doesn't just boil down to physical training. The physical element is generally easier for a younger age group, the other elements may be more suited to adults with an open-mind and a willingness to grow.
We understand there is a focus on developing physical well-being through the ancient art of Kung Fu, however, there are opportunities to focus on elements we use in our day to day lives.
  • Respect for the people around you, encouraging your  team members when they require support, lifting them if they struggle.
  • Patience - Rome was not built in one day, and whilst sometimes we want to achieve the same goals as others around us, we may not be ready.
  • Punctuality and time-management is key because delays have a knock on effect.
  • Attendance - if you don't turn up, you let yourself down and your team.
  • Compassion- understanding that not everyone is skilled to the same level.
  • Work ethic - by working hard and being dedicated, there will always be a reward.
  • Setting a good example to those around you regardless of age, background and so, is always a positive.
As students at the Shaolin Temple Cheshunt, we are taught more than just Kung Fu. The learning is endless and available to all.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Five weeks on and our Little Dragons are making good progress. Based on the Chinese novel which inspired a Japanese TV cartoon series, our Little Dragons are challenged with collecting 7 small dragon balls. They can achieve this through their participation in class and attendance.
Each lesson lasts half an hour and whilst their parents relax in the Tea Room or Courtyard, the Little Dragons train. Their Coach takes them through various activities- stretching, jumps, flexibility training and an introduction to acrobatics.
If the Little Dragons collect the initial 7 small dragon balls, they will then exchange them for one large dragon ball. Over a period of two years they will not add to their collection, but they will have a strong foundation to progress to the next stage of Shaolin Kung Fu.
Our senior Coach, Matthew Ahmet says "it is a joy to watch them learn and progress. Their performance at the Open Day last Saturday left the audience astonished by how far they had come in such a short space of time."
For further information contact - Shaolin Temple Cheshunt - tel:- 01992 677122